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All my life I have been so passionate about fitness. I grew up playing soccer, and finally decided to hang up the cleats after my sophomore year of college. I wanted to focus more on my studies, and it wasn't until I was deep into my Physical Education major that I discovered my love for the gym. At the time, I was new to living on my own and was soaking up the fact that I could eat whatever I wanted and be as lazy as I wanted. No more 5am practices to attend, no more worrying about having a healthy meal before a game, so no more obligations, right? Wrong. I had put on about 35lb from junior to senior year, and I knew that the way I was living was not the picture of health I wanted to paint for my future Phys Ed students.


Although I wanted change, motivation did not come easy - and I really started to struggle with my self-image. I no longer had the lean soccer player build I had in high school and college, and that was a hard pill for me to swallow at the time. I started going to the gym, completely clueless but learning and researching along the way, but I was still struggling with my confidence when I was there. That's when I discovered my love for activewear and the impact it had on my self-image.

I had never really been a fashionista. Most of the time you would catch me wearing sweats and a t-shirt - But when I got my first matching workout set in the mail and looked in the mirror, I saw myself in a new light. It was in that moment I realized the impact a piece of clothing could have on my confidence and motivation. From there, my fitness journey took off! I was feeling more confident than ever in the gym, which in return made me work harder. 6 months later I was in the best shape of my life, my mental health skyrocketed, and I wanted to share my passion with the world.

I then started to plan for my own activewear line, Burn Athletica. I wanted other women to feel what I felt when I slipped into a cute, comfortable, and flattering workout set. Fitness has changed my life in the most amazing ways, and has allowed me to love and accept my body for everything she gives me. My ultimate goal is to provide activewear that makes you both LOOK and FEEL good. Going to the gym can be intimidating, and if you are feeling that way now, I once felt that anxiety too. Everyone deserves to feel confident when entering a fitness space, and my hopes are that my activewear will help you feel that too.



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Eco Friendly Packaging

At Burn Athletica, we believe in keeping our product packaging as sustainable as possible. All of our packaging - including mailers, product packages, and stickers - are biodegradable and/or recyclable!

Our products do not include hang tags in an effort to cut down on waste.

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